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Part 6 - The Tower of London to London Bridge (4 Km) - Across London Visual Marathon

Updated: May 28

Start at Tower Hill Station

Finish at London Bridge Station


City of London Power Trail

This 4.0 Km section of the Across London Visual Marathon takes you on a route past many of the major sites within the City of London. It starts at the Tower of London, which has stood as a symbol of London and its power for almost 1000 years. The route then heads towards Aldgate - the old eastern gate to the City of London and the home of London's industrious East End. It then turns westwards to the skyscrapers around Cornhill that represent the modern financial quarter of the City of London and onwards to its historic centre at Bank with the Bank of England, the Royal Exchange, and Mansion House. The route then heads back to the river, passing Cannon Street and the Monument to the Great Fire of London before crossing over London’s most historic Bridge (London Bridge) and its tallest building – the Shard.

It is good for cityscapes, river views, skyscrapers, shops, churches, attractions, and other famous City of London landmarks. Numerous eating and drinking spots are also available along the way.
Sunrise from Grant's Quay Wharf



What to See List

Areas to Eat, Drink and Be Merry


Morning—This route will be quite busy in places. The best time to do it is on weekends in the early morning when the lighting is at its best and there are few people around.

Day - Most of this route will be busy in places.

Evenings - Quieter in most places, especially after 8:30.


This 4.0 Km section of the Across London Visual Marathon takes you northeast from the Tower of London towards Fenchurch Street and Aldgate. It then heads into the heart of the City of London’s skyscrapers belt before heading to the more historic financial buildings such as the Bank of England, the Royal Exchange and Mansion House. It then heads south to Cannon Street and the Monument before crossing over London Bridge to the Shard and London Bridge Station.

These links open in a new page.

View towards Tower Bridge from the Monument - Monument Street



This gallery provides a descriptive and visual reference to many sights along this route. Use the Google Map above to find their location. Double-click to see the image in full size.



This video gives you a short introduction to how the City of London grew during the Tudors (1560) and the Victorians (1860)

7:26 mins

The Tower of London

City of London buildings



Click on the picture below to go on a 360 virtual tour of the shopping areas and have a look around.

Use the route to explore this location by looking around in 360, taking in the sights and sounds, listening to an audio recording about the area and going on a virtual tour.



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