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The Photo Run Quest

Yesterday – The Ideas Adventurer


12 years ago, I acquired a Nikon F4 and a couple of lenses and thought I would take up photography as a hobby and decided to use London as my canvas. I quickly learnt that I knew very little about either, so I decided to do a part time degree in photography and to document the best places to take photographs to support my various assignment. 


As I was doing this, a quest came to me – 


‘If London was able to communicate, how would she do that in a way that would welcome people to her heart and show them around?’


And so the quest to unlock the hidden treasures of visual London commenced and London Runs and Photo Routes was born - or Photoruns for short. 


80 routes later and a treasure-trove of photographs, videos  and old maps, I am on the final part of my quest - to find creative ways for London to communicate her best routes, sights and stories through the medium of the day using standard equipment and software.  


Many prototypes later I am ready to report on my adventures!


Today – The Presenter and Listener


Like the adventures of old, who used to present their discoveries to the noble institutions of the day and then face the feedback from the learned members, I am doing the same with Photoruns, but to a modern audience in modern format. This concept prototype allows you to explore London virtually , select one of the 21 routes, review it as if you were there and then do it for real – running or walking – but always enjoying the experience.


Listening to feedback on what people like, and what needs improving, or is missing, will help refine the concept and give more value back to those who use it – so look out for the our monthly newsletter on how to take part and get insight into the next set of routes. During this period, Photoruns will also be exploring another quest -  ‘ If London were to post on Instagram what would it look like?’  - so follow and see how she does it.


Tomorrow – Pathfinder Pioneer


Like the knights and adventures of old, my quest  has been one that I have done alone, is self-funded through an unrelated full time job, and has been full of challenges which have been overcome through fortitude, and by having London as my mentor. As a pioneer, I trust I have developed these routes that are both new and useful and that it has prepared the way for you to follow and explore. The future may be uncertain, however, the journey thus far has been enlightening and I know you will be delighted with the end destination - London.


Meet The Pioneer

  • Phil Carey

    Ideas Adventurer and Pathfinder

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