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Explore- Adore- Do More


The Photo Run Concept

These early morning Photoruns provide self-guided tours of some of London's most iconic, photographic and visually interesting locations that are easy to use and fun to do.  



Photoruns help Londoners and visitors get the most from exploring its main locations such as London’s West End, Central London, the City of London and London Docklands.  Each Photoruns is designed as a local self-guided tour with all the information you need in one place - arranged visually and interactively.


There are three main types of Photo runs. 


London Area Runs – which explore an area such the West End Sightseeing, Shopping and the Entertainment areas.


Food and Drink Runs – which focus on the areas that provide the most in terms of things to do, restaurants and place to drink.


Across London Fun Runs – which focuses on longer running routes such as the across London Marathon, (in 14 easy stages)


Photoruns are designed for the early-morning casual runner who wants to improve their mind, body and creativity by exploring the best city in the world.  Each Photorun has a high-speed overview of the route and a detailed blog that covers the history of the area, a 360 virtual tour and guide for the main sights, a descriptive photo gallery, and an overview of some of the local places to eat, drink and be merry.

Meet The Photo Runner

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