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Across London Visual Marathon Overview

Updated: Dec 22, 2022


The across London Visual Marathon shows you the most scenic route from The Thames Barrier in the east to Hyde Park Corner in the West End of London. It is in 14 easy parts in 5 defined stages. You can do it all at once or in stages. This is a marathon to be enjoyed, not endured!

This video shows you the route of the Across London Visual Marathon in each of the five sections. Eastern London, Docklands, The City of London, Central London and the West End.

This is a map of the route.

See the Across London Visual Marathon at Speed

These 14 videos show you what the route looks like at a speed of around 40 km/h and provide you with a map of the route and some examples of what you can see along the way.

Section 1 Eastern London

Section 2 - London Docklands

Section 3 The City Of London

Section 4 - Central London

Section 5 - The West End of London

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