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Part 5 - Limehouse Basin Marina to the Tower of London (4.8 Km) - Across London Visual Marathon

Updated: May 28

Start at Limehouse DLR Station

Finish at Tower Hill Station


Stepping through what used to be London Docklands towards the Tower of London

This scenic route takes you along the Thames Path by the river and into the heart of what used to be the London Dockland in Waapping before emerging next to the Tower of London on the easter edge of the historic City of London. The route touches many of the historic dock sites, including Limehouse Basin, Shadwell Basin, Hermitage Quay, Tobacco Dock, and St Katharine Docks. It traves through what used to be the very centre of London Docks in Wapping, which pretty Wapping Park and the Ornamental Canal now represent. There are some stunning views of the City of London and the river Thames along this route, and it is very close to the notorious sights associated with pirates, such as Execution Dock, Wapping High Street and famous pubs, such as the Prospect of Whitby and Captin Kidd.

It is great for cityscapes, river views, parks, marinas, and historic and iconic sights. It is mainly off-road, with several places to eat and drink towards the end.
Tower Bridge from the River Thames



What to See List

Areas to Eat, Drink and Be Merry


Morning - The route is quite for most of the route apart from the end as it goes through St Katharine Docks and the Tower of London. The best time to do it is on weekends in the early morning when the lighting is at its best and there are not many people about.

Day - Most of this route will be fairly quiet apart from the end as it goes through St Katharine Docks and the Tower of London

Evenings - Quiet in most places except iS Katharine Docks.


This scenic 4.8 Km section of the Across London Visual Marathon takes you along the Thames Path that links London Dockland to the ancient sites of the City of London. It starts at Limehouse Basin Marina and then hugs the rivers through Wapping before veering off to Shadwell Basin and Tobacco Docks through what used to be the site of the London Docks before finishing up at St Katherine Docks and the Tower of London on the eastern edge of the City of London.

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This gallery provides a descriptive and visual reference to many sights along this route. Use the Google Map above to find their location. Double-click to see the image in full size.



Limehouse Basin

Prospect of Whitby

Shadwell Basin

Tobacco Dock

St Katharine Docks and Tower Hotel

The Battle of Cable Street


Tower Bridge



Click on the picture below to go on a 360 virtual tour of the shopping areas and have a look around.

Use the route to explore this location by looking around in 360, taking in the sights and sounds, listening to an audio recording about the area and going on a virtual tour.



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