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Part 4 - Canary Wharf to Limehouse Basin Marina 2.5 Km - Across London Visual Marathon

Updated: Mar 8


This section of the Across London Visual Marathon takes you through the heart of the financial district in Canary Wharf with its modern buildings and then along the riverside at Westferry before finishing off at Limehouse Basin Marina.

Part 4 starts from the eastern entrance of Canary Wharf Station and ends at Limehouse DLR station, covering a distance of 2.5 Km. The route contains cityscapes, river views, parks and a marina, mainly off-road.

Best Time

The best time to do this run is first thing in the morning - and at the weekend when it is quieter. The area around Canary Wharf can get busy, buts it is less active by the river and in the Limehouse Basin.


The Location of Part 4

As the map shows, this is part 3 of the 14 parts of the Across London Visual Marathon, which starts at the Thames Barrier (part 1) and ends at Hyde Park Corner in the West End of London in part 14. This shows the first five parts, which start at the Thames Barrier and end at the Tower of London.

This is part 4, which starts from Canary Wharf tube station,

It's a flexible marathon designed to let you choose which parts you want to do and when so you can do as little or as much as you want at any one time. These photorun blogs are more about the place than the pace, where creative fun is more important than a fast run.

The Route for Part 4

This is a more detailed map and summary of the route.

Start at Canary Wharf eastern station and finish at Limehouse DLR Station.



The Google map and the summary video are useful to have open when doing these Photoruns. They will help you remember what the route looks like and prevent you from getting lost.

The Plotaroute map is an alternative guide where you can download the route to a device.

Experience part 4 of the route at high speed.

This short video gives a quick overview of the route and the sights and then shows you what the route would look like if you were running it at about 25 mph.

This is a very short animated view of the route. Click the link below when you are there to position yourself on the map, view the photos in the gallery or download the route to a device.



This section provides you with a virtual tour, a guide to the sights you can see, a brief history of the area and a gallery of some of the sights with a brief description of each.

Map and Virtual Tour - Part 4

Take a virtual tour of the area and see it virtually in 360. Just click on the location icons on the map, and you will be transported to the location. You can then look around and get a sense of space and place before you experience it first-hand.


Gallery of Sights

This gallery provides a descriptive and visual reference to many of the sights you will see along this photoroute. Double-click to see the image in full screen. or go to the Plotaroute link above to see them on a map.


Additional information

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