The Across London Visual Marathon
City of London Section

Tower of London, Bank of England, St Paul's Cathedral, Bankside, London Bridge, Spitafield, Inns of Court, Holborn, Aldwych  

City of London ALM section Map.jpg

Photorun Summary Videos

These short videos give you a quick overview of each of the Photorun routes.  They show you an animated map of the route,  some of the sights you can see along the way, and  what the route would look like if you were doing it at high speed on empty streets. Each of these will shortly have a supporting detailed blog.

Part 6 - Tower of London to London Bridge

4 Km


Photorun Summary and see the route at high speed

Part 7 - London Bridge to St Paul's Cathedral 

2 Km


Photorun Summary and see the route at high speed

Part 8 - St Paul's Cathedral to Covent Garden

4 Km


Photorun Summary and see the route at high speedver40 kph

Photorun Detailed Information - Coming Soon

Each of these photoruns has a dedicated blog-style page that gives you all the information you need in one place so that you can do the Photorun at your own pace. They are designed to be done in the early morning at the weekend when there are no crowds, the air is cleaner, the light is better and the experience is magical.

Featured Content

This blog provides you with a video overview of each of the 14 parts of the Across London Visual Marathon