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Explore London By Area

Run Across London

Find Places To Eat And Drink 

These Are Self-Guided Early Morning Discovery Photoruns That Focus On the Best Visual Locations in London 

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 Discover It All - Explore London's Best Areas 

These 'early morning' Photoruns focused on the special areas in the heart of London  

See It All - Run Across London Visual Pathways

This Across London Visual Marathon is split into 14 easy-to-do Photoruns and goes from the Thames Barrier to Hyde Park Corner

Know it All - Find Places to Eat, Drink and be Merry 

These short Photoruns help you discover the local 'eat drink and be merry' places

Related Information

These provides you with :-

- A series of 8 Podcast on the British eating and drinking cultures

- An overview of each of the 14 parts of the Across London Visual Marathon
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