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A Way Of Exploring London That Combines Fitness With Creativity and Knowledge

A complete visual & virtual guide to the best photographic route in  London.  


20 Photographic Route to Explore  in London's West End and the City of London 

Click the link above to explore the photo runs in more detail. They are generally quite short (1-3 km), but there are some combined runs that range from 4 to 8 Km.


It's always best to do these photo runs in the early morning when London is looking its best and its quiet.

They currently cover the main sightseeing area in Westminster, the West End shopping routes, the Entertainment District and some of the key sites in the City of London.  

There are 6 ways to view each photo run including a hyper-lapse movie at speed,  a 360 orientation view, and as a detailed guided tour.

Get to know the route before you do the photo run for real and experience London with all your senses and unlock you creative talent. 

All the information in one place so you can enjoy London at your own pace 

Use this link to get your creative juices flowing by viewing a selection of short  image galleries of different London locations, London themes, and special events such as the London Marathon.

It also includes an overview of  future photo runs in the east, north and west of London. 

London Photo Runs 

Photoruns [beta]

A way of seeing London that is invisible to others

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