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 Experience London with a curated collection of visually exciting routes focusing on exploring the sights, getting fit and finding places to eat, drink and be merry.    

City of london

 These short self-guided location-centred routes have been designed for explorers, runners, walkers, creatives, and those who live, work and love London 

The London Collection - For those who want to Experience London in detail

These 19 routes focus on exploring different themed areas of London and show you the best ways to discover their iconic sights, history and what to experience and photograph.
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The Run Collection - For those who want to Exprience London at speed

This ‘Across London Visual Marathon’ from the Thames Barrier to Hyde Park Corner has been designed to provide a flexible route to run or walk across London. It is split into 14 easy-to-do parts, so you can do as little or as much as you want at any one time. They are perfect for fitness, creativity, fundraising, or just exploring London, and you can also mix them up with all the other routes as they are all connected. 
Collection maps_1.jpg

The Fun Collection - For those who want to Experience
London's cuisine  

These 14  fun-focused routes in Central London will help you explore the area's sights and history as well as help you discover the local 'eat, drink and be merry' places, which you can enjoy later at your leisure. 

Overview of the area

Google map guide

High-speed video of the route

History & sightseeing guides

360 Virtual tour

Where to eat, drink & be merry

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