Trendy Shops Regent Street and Carnaby Street (1.1 Km)

Updated: Sep 18


This shopping Photo run takes you along a large part of Regent Street and all of Carnaby Street to offer you over three-quarters of a mile of fantastic shops and trendy things to buy. Due to its status as a place for fashion and its length, Regent Street is sometimes referred to as the “Mile of Style”, whilst Carnaby Street was historically known as the epicentre of Swinging London. ​

Start and Finish
Start Piccadilly Circus- End Oxford Circus

The best time to do this photorun is at the weekends in the early morning when it is quiet and free from crowds and heavy traffic.


Route at a Glance Video.

This short video gives a quick overview of the route and the sights and then shows you what the route would look like if you were running it at about 25 mph.

These Visual Maps and guides provide you with a link to an interactive 360 map that you can use to explore several locations in the broader area with 360 views so you can look around (with sound) and have a virtual tour to get familiar with the area before you visit it.
West End Shopping Photoruns


Gallery of Sights

This will gallery provides a descriptive and visual reference to many sights you will see along this photoroute. Double-click to see its full size.


Sights Tour Guide

These short videos give you a quick guided tour of some sights on this route.


A Brief History of the Area

These history videos provide you with a history of the area and a history of shopping in the west end of London.

Additional Information

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