Sightseeing Central London Photoruns Overview 6.6 Km - Combined Self-Guided Tours

Updated: Sep 18

This provides an overview and links to the central London sightseeing photorun self-guided tours that can be found at

This contains three photoruns covering Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, the South Bank, Whitehall, Westminster Abbey, Victoria and Albert Embankment, Horseguards Parade, and St James Park.

Quick Links - Click on the image for the self-guided photo run.

All these local and visual photorun guides provide you with:-

Video of the route at a glance, an example of the sights you can see along the way, a /360 virtual experience at key locations, a history of the area, and valuable links.

Best time for these Photoruns - The early morning at the weekend and very early during the week - Sunday is the best as it's tranquil, the light is excellent, and the air is fresh - the best time for photographs!

Houses of Parliament from Albert Embankment

Photo Run Maps and Virtual Tour

The maps show you the three sightseeing photoruns, and if you click on them, you will be taken to an interactive map where you can explore a place in 360 with sounds and a virtual tour to get familiar with the place before you visit it for real.


Route at a Glance Video. This short video gives a quick overview of the route and the sights and then shows you what the route would look like if you were running it at about 25 mph.

Sightseeing Area Guide - This gives you an overview of the other sights that you can see on the other sightseeing routes

History of the Area

These videos give you an overview of the history of the area with a focus on the Elizabethan/Tudor times (1560) and Victorian London (1860)

Sightseeing Sights - Images

Additional Information

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