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Luxury Shopping on Bond Street (1.5 km)

This focuses on London’s exclusive  Bond Street shopping route that runs from Oxford Circus to Piccadilly. It is famous for its many elegant stores, exclusive brands, designer fashion, luxury goods, fine jewels, art and antiques. Bond Street is in the heart of historic Mayfair,( in London’s popular West End). It has always been a haven for gracious living since its foundation in 1700, and a playground for society’s wealthiest, most stylish and influential people





Here are 6 ways to view the photo runs route ranging from seeing what the route looks like on a map, in 360, its sites or as if you were running it at speed.

There is also a detailed guided tour that looks at the area in Elizabethan times (1560), Victorian times (1850), and today.

Some of the longer videos have also been broken down into smaller Youtube videos to help you find the information you need more easily.

Map and sites

along the Run

4 mins

Overview and Mapping your Photo Run journey

See the Run at Speed

2 mins

Experience what Photo Run will look like at 20 kph

Guided Tour of the Photo Run

18 mins

Know the Photo Runs history and points of interest along the way

Orientation Around Route

4 mins

Get there and getting started – 360 Orientation along the way

View Route On

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