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Morning 'Out' in St Giles - Eat, Drink and be Merry Photorun Information

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

St Giles

This St Giles route is a hidden gem for food, drink and entertainment between Covent Garden and Soho.

This short 'Concierge styled' overview video is designed to give you a flavour of the area, whilst the rest of this blog is focused on providing you with guidance and a 'tasting menu'.

These Photoruns are designed to help you explore and know the area, so you are better informed when you come back later and consume some of the things that it has to offer, - As usual, it's best to best to do the Photoruns in the early morning when it's peaceful and looking its best. – and it's a great way to find and try out the best places for breakfast!

Animated Map of the St Giles Photorun

This map shows the Photorun route starting outside Leicester Square station and finishing at Covent Garden station and tracing a route that goes past some of the eat, drink and be merry places in the area.

Animated map of the St Giles route with downloads and location tracking

Note this links to, which has adverts

Photorun at Speed - Coming soon.

This short video gives a quick overview of the route and the sights and then shows you what the route would look like if you were running it at 25 mph.


360 virtual tour of the route

This 'Visual Map' links to an interactive 360 map where you can immerse yourself into the location and look around its key sights as if you were there. You can go on a virtual tour, listen to the sounds of London and learn something about the history of each location point. This will help you get familiar with the area before your visit.


St Giles Sight Gallery in 360


Other Photoruns in the area

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