12 Images of the London Olympics 2012 Remembered – Olympic Park London Preparing for the Olym

Updated: Jun 10

The Olympic Park was one of the top places to visit in 2012, but getting access to it was difficult, and capturing good photographs even harder. Unfortunately it is now closed, and will be ‘redeveloped as a more permanent site but it is not due to fully re-open again until 2014.

I did manage to get access to different Olympic event sites and have tried to capture as much of the park and its venues as possible. My aim is to produce two post per month on the Olympics which I hope will bring back memories for some of you.

This set of pictures is from the Olympic Park in Stratford (east London), on a London Prepares event in May 20012 where the organisers were testing out the Olympic park with a number of test events. I had got tickets to wheelchair tennis in Eaton Manor, but it enabled me to capture some of the general park areas that were visible on route to the venue.

It was a cold, wet and grey day – which were not ideal conditions – but fairly typical british weather.

I did get a chance to visit the park again in early September on a bright sunny morning which I will be in a later post.

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