A way of exploring London that combines fitness, creativity, and knowledge. With a complete visual & virtual guide to the best photographic routes in  London.

1. Select

2. Inspect

3. Perfect 


Select - Explore London and Find Your Perfect Route.

When it comes to finding the perfect running route, the most important factor is safety, of course. But beyond that, your route should be motivating. 

Click on the link to explore London or your  can search the runs with your preferred area in London. Whether you're looking for a scenic route or a shopping route we've got you covered.

Inspect - View The Route In Detail.

Each route lets you view the actual path as if you were running it at over 30 Kph.

Each route gives you a virtual 360-degree view of the key location and turning points along the way.

Each route has an animated map with photo locations identified. You can also download the route to your devices and you can view the key sites along the way.

Each route has a detailed guided tour of each photo run including the history of the area in Elizabethan times (1560) and the Victorian era (1850)



Perfect - Get Started And Get Creative

Get there at the best time (Early Morning)

Know the Route before you do it

Understand the area & history

Increase your fitness

Get creative