Canary Wharf to Westferry

Map and Slideshow

1hr 10mins

Route Map and slide show of the route

See the Route at Speed

1hr 10mins

Experience what the route will look like at over 20 kph

Site Tour of the Route

1hr 10mins

Know the Key sites along the route

History of the Area

1hr 10mins

Get to know the History of the area - in different time periods

360 Virtual view of the route

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Canary Wharf to Westferry

Theatre is the Art of Looking at Ourselves This Photo run begins at Covent Garden where the west end entertainment zone was born and traces the path south into the Aldwych and then along the Stand towards the finishing piont at Trafalgar Square. This Photo Run  contained in 4 videos that show you a map of the route and the sites you will see, a hyper-lapse video so you can see what the route likes at 20 kph, a 360-degree orientation video so know can visually navigate the route, and 360 point of interest and history video/podcast that act like a tour guide.





Here are 6 ways to view the photo runs route ranging from seeing what the route looks like on a map, in 360, its sites or as if you were running it at speed.

There is also a detailed guided tour that looks at the area in Elizabethan times (1560), Victorian times (1850), and today.

Some of the longer videos have also been broken down into smaller Youtube videos to help you find the information you need more easily.

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