20 Images of the LONDON TO BRIGHTON VETERAN CAR RUN 2015 – from Westminster

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

The LONDON TO BRIGHTON VETERAN CAR RUN  takes place on the first Sunday of every November  and has done since 1896  The ‘Run’  celebrated the passing into law of the Locomotives on the Highway Act which raised the speed limit from 4 mph to 14 mph and abolished the requirement for these vehicles to be preceded by a man on foot.

This historic 60-mile journey goes  from Hyde Park in central London to the seafront in the Sussex resort of Brighton.

These photographs were taken on 1st November along the Mall and Horse Guards Road and show a small proportion of the vehicles that took part in the event – and their hardy passengers. The weather was foggy which helped isolate the shots as well as giving them an Old London Smog look.

It was great to see so many shining examples driven by all kinds of people – men and women,   young and old.

Over 320 different participants  were photographed- and I have tried to isolate the car as much as possible.  They are taken as shot and have not been enhanced – apart from some simple cropping.

They are roughly in the  sequence that they started the run.

Hopefully many of the participants will see these and enjoy them as much as I did taking them

Thank you to the the participants and Organisers

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